Free Spins No Deposit

If getting something for nothing, while at the same time enjoying fun slots with crisp graphics and great audio, sounds like a good deal to you then read on. Naturally, this prospect can be confusing especially for new players, and the many offers from virtually all online casinos don’t make it any easier. That’s where we come in, this guide has been created to give you the latest and best information on free spins no deposit 2020. Just gives us a few moments, and we guarantee you will be playing free spins no deposit like a boss in no time.

Why Claim Free Spins No Deposit?

You may be wondering why you would want to find out about free spins no deposit or why you would even bother accepting such an offer. The first and most obvious answer to these questions is because they are free. Free spins no deposit is exactly what is says, getting freespins bonus with nothing down. You are essentially playing using house money. Many new casinos are offering new players this free no deposit bonus, it’s a way for them to lure potential customers, but for us, it’s a way to get freebies. A free spins no deposit casino offer is also a super way to get the feel of new games before actually playing for real. You can get a sneak preview into how a new game looks like and how it performs. Even though you will be playing for free, the winnings earned are as real as it gets. New players can also use the free spins no deposit rewards to familiarise with the rules of the game. You should always be aware that free spins like any other casino bonus are accompanied by certain restrictions. Most free spins no deposit 2019 UK players spent time searching through the terms and conditions trying to figure out precisely what they mean. But you don’t have to worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Types Of Free Spins

Now that you understand what free spins no deposit is and why to consider it, you need to appreciate that casinos offer it in different types. The types depend on the casino or game provider, there’s no standard deal here. The free spins no deposit UK 2019 offer is quite a popular type, for the reasons stated earlier. Most casinos also commonly offer deposit and in-game free spins. You are most likely to win free spins also as part of a welcome bonus or other running promotions from time to time. Depending on the type of the freebies available, they may range from 5 or go up to even more than 50 free spins no deposit casino rewards.

Keep in mind that many casinos also offer other types of bonuses as well, such as live casino no deposit bonuses. So if you’re a blackjack player for example, you can isntead find a great free blackjack bonus in our Blackjack section!

Wager Free Spins

Wager free, or sometimes often called zero wager spins are the most popular among players. Many bonus hunters spend a lot of time trolling the web pages looking for these free spins no deposit no wager offers, and they believe the effort is worth it. The beauty of non-wagered free spins no deposit offers is that they do not come with betting preconditions, as is usually the case with other online casino bonus offerings. You can easily play your favourite slots game and cash out your winnings without having to place any more bets, quite remarkable. Before you get too excited though, you will never find a standalone wager free spins bonus; they always come attached to a deposit obligation. To get the spins, you must fund your account with a specified minimum deposit. This minimum is set by the casino and forms part of the offer, you cannot claim the free spins no deposit reward without it. The average new casino no deposit bonus offering is around thirty spins.

Deposit Free Spins

You can also get free spins offers after making a deposit. The deposit can either be the first one after you signup, as would be the case in a welcome bonus or the second or third deposit. To claim this bonus you either use a coupon, or it’s posted into your account automatically. Casinos frequently run regular promotions for players on specific online casino games, any deposit made to the casino will attract rewards on that title. The free spins benefits are activated as part of the promotion as a whole, and would typically be bound by wager requirements. The wagering can be from 20x to 90x the deposit plus bonus, it all depends on the casino site you are playing. Some other restrictions applied to the free spins rewards may be that they are game-specific and non-transferable. To redeem the free spins, you may need to contact customer support via live chat.

Real Money Free Spins

You can also take advantage of real money spins, these are awarded in games while playing for real. This type of bonus is not offered or assigned, it’s down to luck. The spins are triggered when you collect symbols, or by landing scatters, and carrying out missions. Some games will even allow you to buy your way into a free spins no deposit round. The stake that was in play before getting the spins will also apply. You can significantly increase your riches from such spins, if these arise during regular play. These free slots no deposit no card details rewards are not wagered. Many players base their choice of favourite game on the amount of real money free spins no deposit prizes that they get. They believe the frequency of free spins no deposit is one feature that forms the character of the game. When played automatically as soon as they are awarded, you don’t have to worry about them expiring. In these types of spins, you can get from as little as 5 spins, quickly rising to huge numbers if you manage to hit multiple symbols.

Free Spins Allocation

Once you have found a bonus, you are interested in claiming it is easy. All you must do is open a casino account, and select the free spins no deposit offer you would like to use. Getting free spins no deposit on sign up is the most efficient and easiest technique to use. You’ll find that some operators are offering a certain amount of spins for free by just having an account created with them. All you have to do is to complete the registration form with your name, home address and other details and you’ll be entitled to them. At this point, the bonus is either automatically credited to your account, or claimed manually by you.

Manual Claim

It may be necessary at times to claim a deposit manually. When you visit free spin sites online there are spin coupon codes that they give out to players, these codes are their signature that the casino has received direct business from them. On your part, the code may give you access to exclusive spins not available to the general public. The referral system does not only work for casino sites, but even you can also be rewarded for referring a friend. You give your friend an invitation with a unique code that they enter when claiming their free spins no deposit. In some cases, you may need to manually claim your free spins no deposit reward if you want to take advantage of a bonus offer that is said to be valid at any time. To request this bonus would require you contacting customer service. Claiming yourself has its pros, you are always on top of what you are presently using and the wagering requirements associated.

Automatic Free Spins Credit

There is an instance also when free spins no deposit are automatically added to your account, this usually occurs after the initial requirements are met. Instead of having to look for coupon codes, the free spins no deposit are conveniently credited, and to find them you can just head over to the game stated on the bonus, and start playing free online slot machines. Collecting automatic free spins no deposit reward is excellent because of its hassle-free nature. You don’t have to worry about up-to-date coupon codes or on which slot games the free spins apply. Another place where you’ll find automatic free spins no deposit prizes is in games. During gameplay you may be awarded free spins no deposit rewards, you don’t have to claim or do anything because it’s all part of the gameplay. To discover how you’ll get your free spins no deposit reward at the casino, you can always check out the terms and conditions that the offer includes. This should cover all of the details of the offer, including how they are credited to you.

Free Spins Expirations

True to the nature of all good things, free spins no deposit offers do not last forever and come with a use-by date. The initial precondition is for claiming, you are first given a period in which you must accept the offer. This can be 24 hours or a week, it all depends on the casino. Failure to take up the offer in time will see it being withdrawn. You must then make sure that you use your free spins no deposit within the stipulated time or else they will expire on you. The amount of time you have before the bonus expires also depends on the preconditions spelt out by the casino, it may take hours, days or even up to a month. Some casinos start counting the time as soon as the offer is made, others start counting from the period of accepting the bonus. The best way for you to know when the day or hour of reckoning will come is by thoroughly reviewing the terms and conditions. You can then subscribe for the free spins no deposit that you can use in the stipulated time. Generally the time you have to accept and use your free spins the better. You would want enough time to see and act on the free spins no deposit offer before it is rescinded.

Cashing Out Winnings From Free Spins No Deposit

Now the process of cashing out free spins no deposit should be approached soberly. You might think that because you have invested your time on a game and have collected a tidy sum, you can then withdraw the windfall at your discretion, well think again. The money earned on free spins no deposit needs to be wagered until it meets the requirements of the restrictions. You might then wonder what they can do to you if you decide to cash out, it’s “your money” why shouldn’t you? Well, the simple reason is before any withdrawal can be made, the transaction is carefully vetted to ensure that all the requirements have been met. If the casino then realises that you have attempted to cash out proceeds from free spins no deposit the bonus will be terminated and all the winnings voided.

Free Spins Bonus Restrictions

The importance of understanding the terms of a free spins no deposit offer can never be overstated. The terms will reveal what you need to do not only to use free spins no deposit but to also keep the winnings. The first thing you should take note of is the free spins no deposit required wagering terms associated with the offer. Almost every bonus in an online casino has a wagering requirement. This is where you should play through your deposit and bonus, more on that later. Free spins no deposit offers are usually for specific slots. The spins cannot be transferred or played on another game, you should, therefore, make sure that your desired game is included in the bonus. Another restriction usually imposed on free spins no deposit offer; is time. The offer expires after a given period assuming that you did not use the spins or completed the wagering requirements. Before being allowed to withdraw, some online casinos require that you first make a deposit. This aspect is usually a component of the casino’s withdrawal policy where their payments system must synchronise with your desired payment method. Everyone making a withdrawal goes through this process and as ironic as it sounds, it’s just one of those things that have to be done.

Winning Limits/Caps

One widespread practice in casinos offering free spins no deposit offer is the cap or winnings limit. The casinos have this measure in place to ensure that bonus hunters do not come into the casino, play for free and then walk out with all the cash. This is why casinos have sought to protect themselves. So how this works is after getting the free spins no deposit you are allowed to play and win as much as you can, but the restriction comes on converting your winnings to cash. If for example a free spins no deposit offer is set at £50, even if you are lucky enough to win £150 from the spins, the maximum you will take home is £50. This might seem unfair to you at first glance but consider this, you did not pay or anything to get this £50, it’s as if the casino gave you a present. The way we look at it, some money trumps no money any day. In other cases, you may be offered free spins no deposit which is not tied up to any wagering requirements or winnings limits at all. Usually, the value of these free spins is a bit low, but it’s still useful since all your winnings will be automatically deposited into your account.

Exclusion From Jackpot Wins

Another restriction which you should be aware of is that free spins no deposit offers are excluded from jackpots. The exclusion only applies to progressive jackpots, those millions that you see displayed are out of reach; at least for free spins no deposit. The casino reserves these jackpots for regulars who have cultivated a relationship with them over time. It makes perfect sense that they would put this restriction, its free money, their money that you are using. UK players can freely participate in daily bonus offerings with no consequence. The proceeds from these daily jackpots are treated as bonus money and are credited into your account. The only way to get access to your riches is to tick off all the restrictions associated with it. The funds may also be affected by withdrawal limits. If for any reason you fail to observe this restriction, and by pure happenstance, you hit the progressive jackpot, all the earnings from efforts are null and void. The best way to prepare yourself for claiming free spins no deposit UK offers, apart from carefully going through this guide is to review the terms and conditions. You can also check out our selection of the best casino reviews, where you’ll find loads of information on the various bonuses that casinos offer. This will save you time and the potential loss of your earnings.

Wagering Requirements

Most casinos offer zero-wager and wager free spins no deposit rewards. If you’re lucky enough to get the former good for you, you can just withdraw your winnings and keep on moving. If all offers were like this, it would be great, putting nothing down, playing on the house and at the end of all of it just getting up and walking along with pounds in my pocket. But the reality is that most of the free spins no deposit offers available today come with a wagering requirement of some sort. The obligations are designed to keep you at the table, to keep playing the game, because let’s face it, casino owners have to make a living also. It will do you some good to learn how these wagering requirements are calculated so that you can make informed decisions of whether an offer is attainable or just merely a waste of time. Wagering requirements are usually quoted as 30x, 40x or even 80x. Now let’s take a scenario where you got 25 free spins no deposit wagered at 40x. This scenario means that you have to take 25 multiplied by 40 times the spins for the wagering requirement to be met, that’s 1000 spins. Assuming that the value of one spin is set at 25p, you would have to wager £250 to fulfil the requirements of this condition. Whatever you are left with after that is yours to keep. This simple presentation shows that the lower the wagering obligation required, the better for you.

Free Spin Slot Games Attraction

Free spins no deposit offers are usually targeted towards a particular slot. The casino does this for many reasons, one of which is for new and regular players to get a feel of hot releases before putting up real money wagers. Whenever possible, you should always make sure to take advantage of these offers because they can very well lead you to your next favourite slots game. Prominent online gaming software vendors can also use free spins bonus offers to push and maintain the popularity of already established slot machines. Case in point is the free spins no deposit rewards available on Starburst in many casinos. By any standard this is not a small slot game, some might even say it is the most popular period, but you can still play free spins no deposit.

The thought of having spins already allocated to specific games, as opposed to playing whichever game you want, has some benefits to you. For starters, it allows you to explore the games lobby and experience new games, which is not a bad thing. Playing one game for too long can become monotonous and boring but seeing other games with different graphics brings a fresh flavour to the gameplay. A more significant benefit is the general ease and peace of mind you get when you are presented with a pre-selected slots game. There are over 300 online casinos in the UK, all offering slots games as their mainstay, it’s easy to get stressed and feel overwhelmed by a large number of games. Questions will arise on where to use your 50 free spins no deposit, it’s easier to just leave that decision in the hands of the casino. What you are mainly after anyway is the free spins no deposit, no matter which game you use it on.

Player Choice Free Spins No Deposit Slots

Some casinos may award free spins no deposit only on select games or on almost all the slots in the lobby. This type of arrangement resembles the online casino just placing cold hard cash in your hand and telling you to go to town with it. This virtual cash can be used on any slot of your choosing or within a selection of slots. In some instances, the game selections can be limited to a specific game software vendor where you can only use the free spins no deposit to play their games only. This doesn’t pose much of a challenge to you because some of these game providers nowadays have enormous libraries, finding a slot to play is relatively easy. The available games may also be restricted by the time they can be played using free spins no deposit.

It is not uncommon to find a situation where one of the restrictions quoted on a bonus is that it is only available after a particular time. The advantage of not having game restricted is that you can freely try out all the games available in the games lobby, starting in the new games section you can work your way up until you find and compile your list of favourites. You can find virtually unknown or commonly not played titles hiding deep in the games lobby, and try your hand on them. Who knows, maybe you might end up even liking it. That being said, it is a fact that most often than not, it is the hot favourites that carry free spins no deposit offers. With that in mind, you can just find out from the bonus page which games those are and use your free spins no deposit on them.

Some new players might believe that free spins would also include the game of Roulette, as this is a game where you spin a wheel as well. But that is not the case. However, we’ve got loads of other great offers in our Roulette page, where you can also learn how to play roulette online!

Mobile Casino Free Spins No Deposit

The past few years have seen a massive uptake of mobile devices, this has is a result of technology advancements made in this industry. Not only have mobile become smarter and more powerful, but the mobile networks themselves are also now faster. It is very possible to carry out complex operations on handheld devices with ease. These changes have provided fertile ground for the boom in online gaming. Many software vendors have started designing more games with the mobile player in mind, optimising them to suit varying screen sizes and browsers. All the online gaming sites available today are available on mobile. With HTML structured website features with high levels of intuition and responsiveness, the casino web applications are being used by a wide variety of people every day.

Some operators have even gone as far as producing standalone mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. It does not come as a surprise then that online casino operators have allowed mobile players to access all the same benefits as their desktop compatriots. You can perform all the same tasks, including opening accounts, playing games, and most relevantly today, access free spins no deposit mobile casino offers. There is no difference when using mobile to access bonuses the casino does not segregate. Playing on mobile is more convenient, it allows you to take advantage of all of your free spins no deposit rewards on the go. This is especially important when you consider the time restrictions accompanying most of these offers. You can confirm your acceptance for an offer quickly, and to play you don’t have to sit on a PC all day. it can also be worth checking if you can play at a mobile casino pay with phone credit. The growth of this sector is expected to see a definite rise, spurred on by the broad uptake of 5G technology.

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Free Spins No Deposit FAQ

Can I claim no deposit free spin more than once?

Yes and no. The determining factor is the promotion from which you got the free spins no deposit. Free spins no deposit offer can come from a welcome offer or regular casino promotions. Naturally, you cannot claim a welcome offer of free spins no deposit more than once. On the other hand, you are free to claim bonuses which come as a result of regular daily or monthly promotions. Some casinos offer free spins no deposit at birthdays and anniversaries. You are free to claim these rewards when the special day comes around.

Can I change the slot game for free spin bonus?

No, if the bonus applies to that specific game. Free spins no deposit is usually given to new players for them to check out what the casino offers or for regular players to try out new titles. When you get free spins no deposit for a specific game, you cannot change the slot game for free spin bonus. More information is available in the terms and conditions of the bonus offer.

Is it easy to win real money on free spins no deposit?

Casino games run on random number generators, the event of winning is simply by a chance occurrence. So to say that it is easy to win is a stretch. Although it’s not like you see on TV it is possible to be a winner and cash out free spins no deposit. First, you have to satisfy all the wagering requirements as stipulated by the casino. Once the conditions are met your winnings are then subjected to cash restrictions where you can only withdraw up to a predetermined figure.

Do regular players get free spins?

Yes. Regular players can get free spins no deposit from regular promotions run in the casino. To view the bonuses available to them, they just log in and go to promotions. Some casinos also offer birthday and anniversary rewards where regular players with accounts in good order get free spins, among other bonuses.

Is winning on free spins no deposit worth it?

Yes! The winnings from free spins no deposit are gifts given to you for free. You did not wager your money to get them, there was no risk on your part. Even if the withdrawal limit for the bonus is £10, it's still worth it.